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Blue Care Network is the largest Health Management Organization (HMO) in Michigan with more than 635,000 members. Their network includes 4,300 primary care physicians, 10,200 specialists and 116 hospitals. The Jonah Group has built substantial Data Warehousing projects for BCN as well as redesigning its main public-facing website.

The Jonah Group was engaged to create a complete redesign of the website, assist with the content analysis and restructuring, and recreate the new site with a new design and information architecture.


The Challenge

The existing design of the www.mibcn.com website had not been revised for more than 3 years and was becoming unmanageable as the content grew and new content was added. The site had a vertical tab structure that was confusing for site visitors, content was disorganized, and the visual brand did not meet current branding standards.

The Solution

The newly designed site was launched in March 2008, on time and on budget. Customer and internal executive feedback was very positive.

The Results

The number of page views per visitor and time on the site were increased by >30% almost immediately.  Feedback indicated that members and prospective clients were able to easily find relevant information directly from the home page and throughout the site.


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