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FPSC Online (Financial Planners Standards Council Web Portal)

FPSC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring Canadians’ financial planning needs are well served by developing, promoting and enforcing professional standards for financial planning, through CFP® certification, and raising awareness of the importance of financial planning to Canadians.
The purpose of the FPSC Online project was to merge the public website (also designed and developed by the Jonah Group) with their separate CRM web portal, FPSC Online Services. Users were previously required to maintain separate logins for both sites. The result was a disjointed, inconsistent user experience.
In addition to bringing both web properties under the same umbrella, an interactive dashboard was created to improve the user’s experience. The dashboard features a custom message panel, an interactive progress indicator, upcoming events and opportunities, and quick access to all other online services.


The Challenge

The Solution

Users receive customized messages each time they log in. These messages include alerts of upcoming important dates, prompts to take the next step in their certification process and status updates. Messages are tailored by retrieving data from the external CRM system and evaluating it to form a series of responses. The Jonah Group customized the site’s content management system to display the available responses and allow administrative users to modify the messages and change the rule-based evaluation logic.

Interactive Progress Indicator

A visual, interactive progress indicator is also generated with the CRM’s data response. Users can see, at a glance, their current progress towards CFP certification. The process for CFP certification is not linear. As a result, the indicator needed to reflect the fact that future requisites may already be fulfilled.

Local Upcoming Events and Job Opportunities

Users are shown upcoming financial planning events and job opportunities based on their location.

Access to all other Online Services

Users can easily register for exams, update work experience and education, apply for certification, renew their license, and make donations to the FPSC Foundation. The custom message panel and interactive progress indicator are updated each time their information is updated using these online services.


The Jonah Group provided the following services to for the FPSC Online project:

  • Information Architecture – Detailed wireframes, sitemaps and flowcharts were produced by the Jonah Group to describe the dashboard concept and user experience scenarios.
  • Graphic Design – Upon completion of the requirements gathering and information architecture process, design mockups were produced and sent to project stakeholders for review and approval.
  • Website Development and Deployment – The Jonah Group worked with FPSC and their 3rd party CRM service provider to build the application according to specification. An interface was created to provide authentication against the external CRM system and access the various services.

The Results

The site was launched according to the project schedule on July 1st, 2010. FPSC has taken over operation of the site with minimal impact on internal resources. User data is still maintained in the CRM system and content is managed through the website’s administrative interface. The site has received very popular reviews from FPSC members and further phases are in the works. FPSC continues to be a valued Jonah Group customer.


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