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Ross Zolfaghari
Senior Technical Developer

About Ross

I remember that I wanted to be a computer engineer since I was 11 years old. My older brother was studying computer technology at the time and I was able to learn some basic programming skills at home. Then, I took a programming course at high school: that course helped make decisions about my future learning path in university that led me to become a software developer! Now, I like working with database technologies, and in back-end development. I prefer to work with data and algorithms: I like solving problems! At Jonah, I have good colleagues who help me do my job better, resolve issues, and improve relationships with our clients. This makes Jonah probably one of my favorite work places in my 6 work experiences. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Enter - it runs SQL in SQL Developer! Favourite song to code to: I usually listen to a French online radio. When I can't decide what to listen to… it decides for me! Favourite go-to lunch spot: I really enjoy all kinds of food! Everywhere is my favorite.