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Rod Gonzaga
Technical Architect

About Rod

My passion for technology started in elementary school. My favourite toy was a Radio Shack 2001-in-1 Electronic Lab Kit, where I could build circuits by connecting resistors, transistors, capacitors, speakers, motors, LEDs and so on with little colourful wires. I also loved the Forrest M. Mims III Engineer's Mini Notebooks from Radio Shack, and wish I could find my copies. Around 10, I aspired to be an “electronics engineer” whatever that meant. In junior high, I started playing around with programming on school C64s, and the old family 286 PC, and thoroughly enjoyed that immensely. I even built my own sound card (back when they weren't common or were expensive for a kid) out of about $15 of parts from Radio Shack. All of that eventually led to a degree in Computer Science, which I like to think is pretty close to an electronics engineer. My favourite technology to work with is Java. It's a powerful language with many mature frameworks to choose from, and huge communities to learn from. Lately, through training and exploration, I've picked up a keen interest in Machine Learning and Deep Learning in particular, and in the process I'm enjoying Python, a commonly used language in those fields. What I like most about Jonah is the diverse range of people that come together around a common interest in tech. Outside of Jonah, I like listening to and making music, podcasts, exploring tech, and the feeling of discovery in all those things. I've played violin for around 30 years, 15 of them with an orchestra. Within Jonah, we have a band that I jam with on occasion on guitar and vocals. I have a growing stringed instrument collection, something I should really stop. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-alt-del. It solves everything. Most interesting place you've ever traveled to: Close tie between driving through Utah desert in August, and Sudbury in February. Both landscapes look like photos from either a lunar or Martian rover. Favourite song to code to: any Beethoven Symphony. It's intuitive and not intrusive, and it puts me in the zone. Favourite go-to lunch spot: CJ Lunchbox.