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Ravideep Dhupia
Senior Technical Developer

About Ravideep

Over the last few years, Java has been a steady language of choice for me to program with, as I enjoy the flexibility and portability the language provides. I feel that Java has become a rock-solid platform that can provide high performance, reliability and scalability options. Swift is another favourite of mine. For me, it has the feel of what a modern language should be like. Though still in its early years, Swift has thriving community support and is shaping up well with the future in mind. I have also just started venturing into the world of Big Data, and am finding this new journey to be quite fascinating as well. My interest in computers started around the time my family purchased our first computer, when I was probably 13 years old. I remember always being keen about software, intrigued by how an application could solve so many of your everyday hassles in a jiffy, and fascinated by the convenience of the world wide web. I remember diving into GW Basic on our boxy Compaq desktop. While it was tinkering with computer programs, and developing minor hacks that got me interested in technology, it was learning C and C++ during my first year of software engineering that got me really passionate about programming. One of my favourite things at Jonah is the ensemble of talented and passionate developers. Working with such amazing talent always keeps you on your toes and helps you become a better professional yourself. I also love the commitment and enthusiasm with which the company ensures that we are working with the latest technologies, keeping up with the trends, and improving ourselves in different areas. I truly appreciate the well-rounded approach towards all projects at Jonah, where developing quality solutions and meeting clients' needs are always a high priority. Outside of Jonah, I enjoy cooking, mostly contemporary French and Italian food, and following pretty much every sport under the sun……though I don't get to do either of them as much as I would like to anymore. When trying to resolve challenges, I always enjoy brainstorming with colleagues and getting inputs from other developers. It's always fun to see the problem through someone else's point of view, which often results in solutions that you might have overlooked or never thought of in the first place. I enjoy researching and finding workarounds to solve a complex issue. Though frustrating at first when faced with an issue that doesn't seem to have a straight forward solution, it's always rewarding when your efforts result in a reliable resolution. Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: Gangtok, located in the Eastern Himalayan range on the border of India and China: was probably the most interesting and memorable place I've ever visited. The views of the mountain range that surround the city were breathtaking, but what made it truly memorable were the friendly locals, and the laid-back atmosphere of the hilly city. Favourite go-to lunch spot: still looking for one. But I do like Brant street café on Adelaide St West, nice quiet spot with not too much of a lunch crowd, and they have a very friendly couple running the joint. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + F5 on Windows.