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Peter Bishop
Senior Business Analyst

About Peter

I majored in economics with a minor in computer science. I've always been interested in computers, and moved from an investment career to the technology space during the dotcom boom. The teams I am currently working with are using Angular 2 with AG grid to design data-rich enterprise applications. This combination allows for powerful Excel-like data management features in custom web-based applications. My favorite projects involve complex problem solving in the financial services space. I especially enjoy work where I am required to learn new business models and concepts in order to design a solution. I like Jonah for its great people, a commitment to high quality customer-focused solutions, Thursday night presentations (+ beer) and monthly poker nights. Outside of Jonah, I like hiking, motorcycling, and wine collecting (+ drinking). Favorite keyboard shortcut: WIN+ L when it's time for lunch. Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: Teaching English to elementary school kids in Spain when I was 17. It was 3 months of complete immersion in a new language and culture. Favourite song to code to: Downtempo instrumentals on Google play. Favourite go-to lunch spot: Pizzaiolo for Diana slices. Accomplishment I'd like to share: Planting many thousands of trees on clear-cut land in northern Ontario back in the 80's. Would love to see them now (assuming they haven't all been cut down again).