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Matthew Solo
Project Director

About Matthew

Since starting out at Jonah Group as a software developer, I have performed different roles in the company. Currently I'm a project manager. Day to day, I'm able to combine my passion for technology with delivering solutions for our clients. My passion for technology started when my father would bring home computers and we would take them apart and figure out how they work. Over the years, my passion for technology followed me through academics, and my hobbies. After completing a computer science degree at University of Toronto, I worked as a software developer at Jonah Group. I liked the technical aspects of programming but discovered a passion for the collaborative aspects of building software. I really enjoyed communicating development plans to non-technical people. I found an interest in extracting the requirements from our clients, putting a plan together with our team to deliver a solution, and working with the developers through it all. I've won the Health System Management Award at the eHealth Conference and completed certification in project management. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S to save my work!