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Mark Bloomer
Senior Technical Developer

About Mark

My grade 10 high school computer course launched my passion for software development. The teacher's hands-off approach allowed me to discover the power of development principles by way of self-exploration and experimenting with different patterns. Nowadays, I like any technologies that change the paradigm. React has been instrumental in changing how components are isolated and the efficiency of how updates are propagated. Combined with the ES6 language, a minimalist implementation can be achieved that is simple, intuitive and efficient. Apart from software, Raspberry Pi mini-computers are great tools for DIY projects and can be combined with software tools like Docker environment containerization for dynamic and rapid deployment. One of the great things about working at Jonah is that employees bring their own character and background to the workspace. This adds to an exciting work environment, and some great technical discussions. Jonah's R&D projects add another layer of technical depth and encourage individuals to explore new technologies which is important since the technology landscape is continually changing. Aside from the technical, Jonah's Thursday Night Socials are one of the greatest parts about working here. TNS offers employees the opportunity to mingle with each other over food and beer. It's allowed me to get to know people beyond my team and make connections with lots of interesting new people. I love software development in and out of the workplace and I have several personal projects I work on regularly. Other than that, I have been playing with a dedicated Dodgeball team for years and I also play Volleyball and Squash on a weekly basis. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+V. One discovers what is in their clipboard. Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: I walked on lava on the big island of Hawaii. The road leading up to it abruptly ends with hardened lava that flowed over it decades ago. I find it fascinating to witness the power of a planet that shapes its surface. Favourite song to code to: Deadmau5 -- Strobe. I love the buildup and the layering of tones. Favourite go-to lunch spot: Gandhi Cuisine. The Chicken Tikka Masala Roti is excellent! Is there an accomplishment you'd like to share: In my university days, I developed a proof-of-concept tool for passively accumulating profits by automating the resale of items from an online store to eBay. It was a successful experiment, however the customer support aspect proved to be a challenge since it could not be adequately automated.