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Mark Dion
Senior Technical Developer

About Mark

My interest in programming started with video games, and in high school I built my first computer. I always appreciated the seemingly limitless possibilities of software development. My favourite technology to work with is React. I think it makes UI development intuitive and there is a big community supporting it. I also like developing in C# with .NET. Visual Studio is the best dev environment out there and C# is easy to work with. After having learned Unity game development on my own for about a year, I decided to challenge myself to create a game and publish it in one month. I was able to finish a simple 2D game and publish it on Google Play in just over a month. I enjoy the culture of Jonah and the passion people here have for their work. I also like the variety of the work we do as consultants. I enjoy solving problems by working with teammates to figure out the best solution. My personal passions include playing ultimate frisbee, playing the guitar, and video game development. Favourite song to code to: I try to alternate it. Usually it's something Electronic. Slow Demon by Snarky Puppy is a good one that helps me concentrate.