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Kunal Choudhary
Intermediate Technical Developer

About Kunal

I believe that technology has the potential to provide meaningful insight through data analysis. I like to work with a stack of technologies that involve not only processing information, but also presenting it in a way that is intuitive to technical and non-technical users alike. The best part of Jonah is that there is creative freedom to solve technical problems our own way, and team members are receptive to ideas proposed by others on how to improve the way things are currently being done. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+F because you can quickly search for keywords in a wall of text or source code. It helps bring relevant portions into focus, while blurring the rest of unnecessary details. Outside of Jonah, I like listening to podcasts and reading articles to keep up with current political events, and following sports (NBA, NFL, NHL). Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: Niagara Falls.