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Juan Barinas
Intermediate Technical Developer

About Juan

My favourite technology? That's a tough one! I like technology in general, and I get excited about innovation and change, which tends to happen very often in this space. If I had to choose, I'd say a go-to of mine has always been Python. It was the language that made programming fun and easy. I don't know what exactly drew me to technology, but I remember picking up the Popular Mechanics magazines as a kid and reading about the future. I'd also watch films like Blade Runner or shows like Star Trek and dream about what it could be. Then I'd find myself wondering how could a future like this be built, and question whether I could be a part of this process. By being a developer I'm contributing in my own way! I love the people and talent that is present at Jonah Group. I am always looking to learn new things, and there are a lot of opportunities to do so. Having working groups where one can learn and build new things is pretty awesome! In addition to coding, football (aka soccer) has always been part of my life. Being from South America, this sport is a natural fit for me. Even though I might not play footbal these days, I would probably watch a match or two every weekend. Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: Peru! There is so much to do and see in Peru. From visiting the lost city of Machu Pichu, to surfing on the west coast, to just hanging and eating great food, Peru will always be my favorite. Eventually, I would like to make travelling the world my full-time job one day. Favorite keyboard: Command Palette (Ctrl + Shift + P), always a go-to for me. Favorite song to code to: I don't have a favorite coding song, as it will depend on the mood, time of day, and how much thinking is involved. I like listening to music of various kinds: ambient, shoegazing, instrumental music is a safe bet of what you'll find me listening to. Favorite go-to lunch spot: Burger joints (unfortunately Merci Mon Ami is not close enough to Jonah).