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Jeremy Chan
Jeremy heads up the sales and marketing portfolio at Jonah, is our SVP of the tax / legal practice, and is also our Director in charge of brand and culture. As a founder, Jeremy is most interested in making sure Jonah Group continues to be a place people want to come to work.

About Jeremy

I like working with front-end design because of the immediate feedback loop, making experimentation a lot more fun. I also believe that doing the front-end well, from both process and architectural perspectives, is one of the most difficult challenges of modern software development. Besides loving video games from Telstar Pong and forward, my family were early adopters of home computing technology, including the first machine I ever used: a TI 99/4A home computer with assembly and basic programming languages built in, circa 1981... and an incredible 16K of RAM to play with. We experimented with typing in programs from magazine subscriptions, as well as writing our own. We also experienced early versions of networking using a telephone handset coupler. And when you saw the programs run – a revelation! Even then I was most interested in making things happen on the screen, as opposed to writing algorithms or manipulating data. I wrote programs that drew things on the screen and animated them about, along with a few simple games. I love working at Jonah because people are curious, friendly, smart, and always willing to engage in conversation about various topics, no matter how abstract or esoteric. There are a lot of thoughtful people here, and you're forced to exercise your mind to keep up! Outside of Jonah, I'm passionate about great food, playing and listening to music, software, writing, philosophy, friendships, and anything to do with the beach. I like collaborative work of all kinds, be it technology, music, or playing on sports teams. Having others expect something from me drives me to work harder and deliver better. Favorite keyboard shortcut: The window key. The gateway to all things powerful in Windows. Most oft used is probably Window-E - for the explorer. Favorite song to code to: Currently, Southern Girl, by Maze. If you can get that groove into your fingertips, that code is going to be special. Favorite go-to lunch spot: Jules.