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Jeff Clark
Senior Vice President, Solution Delivery
Jeff is a software veteran with extensive experience providing sustainable solutions to the institutional investment industry. Through tenures at both a market participant and a vendor, Jeff has built and led high-performing teams aligned to delivering customer value across numerous business-facing functions including program management, business analysis, account management, product and project delivery, testing, and application maintenance.

About Jeff

I stumbled into the technology profession rather inadvertently by (twice!) discovering and entering intriguing disciplines that I didn't even know existed as part of failing to master others. My first discovery was "User Experience", which I took as an afterthought course in my absolute last semester of university. My second was Business Analysis ("What the heck is that?"), which I fell into after a short run as an unsuccessful Wall Street broker. Both of these serendipitous experiences awoke my curiosity for what software can enable, and ignited my passion for solving business problems and opportunities with technology. The highlights of my career have undoubtedly come from being part of amazing delivery teams with core, shared attributes of business knowledge, technical know-how, unified vision, implicit trust, mutual accountability, inclusion, respect, tenacity, and an impeccable sense of what and when to celebrate. These attributes have drawn me to Jonah. My interests outside of work include family road trips, music sharing, and fitness / sports (running, Reformer, softball, golf, skiing). I have an affinity for throwing and racqueting things - and so welcome any invitation to play darts, frisbee, ping pong, et al. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Power (On) key. It launches infinite surprises and possibilities every time I hit it.