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Henry Yuen
Senior Technical Developer

About Henry

In high school I was always interested in electronics, but then I saw a course on programming using BASIC on microcomputers. I was hooked after few lessons. I was amazed by what I could program the computer to do, starting with "Hello World!". Fast forward to the present, my favourite technologies to work with are Java and Java EE, because they're the core enterprise technologies that most financial and insurance companies use. I also like working with Python and Machine Learning because it can provide amazing results/solutions which is practically impossible to implement in traditional programming. I like that Jonah has a lean management style that encourages new ideas and open to suggestions that are heard and are encouraged to execute. Outside of Jonah, I enjoy ballroom dancing, cycling, and am currently learning French. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Shift + Ctrl + Alt + V because it's super useful when copy and pasting information from the web browser into emails without changing the existing format. Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida because it brought me back to my childhood memories. Favourite song to code to: I enjoy having pop music in the background when I code.