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Gokul Viswanathan
Intermediate Technical Developer

About Gokul

Initially I never even thought of working as a developer or in any technology sector. I was a soccer player for a club. During my final year of university, I had a terrible knee injury. During the recovery I picked up the hobby to code. It was so interesting to solve problems and find solutions. I started learning coding on my own and landed a job as a developer for a start up in India. I just love learning new technologies, one of my favorite languages is Python. It's where it all started for me. As a developer I take so much pleasure learning the pros and cons of using a particular technology or framework. One of my favorite parts about working for Jonah is the Thursday Night Socials (TNS). Jonah is my first full time job in Canada, and it's been one of the best decisions I made. Since day one I have been learning and developing a lot as a developer. One of my key goals is to learn something new every day, be it technical or a soft skill. I love to solve problems that are unique. Since I have been involved in a lot of team sports, I like to think software development the same way. We are a team, playing a game, towards a common goal. I love soccer, I always have a soccer game playing on TV. My favorite team is Manchester United. I also like to cook for my friends and family. Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: I once went on a mountain hike in India and got chased by a troop of monkeys. It was so much adventurous and exciting! Favorite go-to lunch spot: Recently after joining Jonah, I picked up a liking for Wilbur Mexicana. I love their quesadilla.