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Ganesh Ravendranathan
Intermediate Technical Developer

About Ganesh

I was exposed to the field by wanting to automate various repetitive tasks that I would do in my high school and university years. I recall delivering ad fliers for a company for a summer job from door-to-door with a small team. We learned last-minute from our employer that they wanted a nicely formatted spreadsheet about the deliveries and locations. My team had the data in a text file for our own reference, but it was unorganized but consistently formatted. I quickly built out a program to parse the text file and place the data into a comma-separated values file, which saved us a significant amount of time to create the spreadsheet. This is just one of many examples in my life that really showed the business value of technologies when applied well. It was enjoyable to create too! Some of the technologies I enjoy working with is Java and more recently, Kubernetes. Both technologies are widely used in the industry and are highly versatile. Java in particular is the first programming language that I learned about (so I have some bias) and is versatile. Kubernetes is a fascinating container orchestration technology that makes it easy to manage and scale your web hosted applications depending on the amount of usage. I like to create software to make people's lives easier. I really enjoy solving problems more so than the technologies I use. In my spare time, I enjoy learning about and driving cars. I don't drive in manual transmission, sadly. I try to attend car shows whenever possible. Video games are also a part of my identity, so I make time for them whenever I can. Anime is cool too! Jonah is comprised of incredibly talented and passionate people. More often than not, I find myself not being the smartest person in the room. I enjoy that I am always learning something new each day. The people I have met here are kind, helpful and humble. Many of them have interests outside of technology which I find refreshing. Favourite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+C. Copying information with ease is an underrated feature. Favorite go-to lunch spot: Big Smoke Burger, just a few steps away from the office.