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Ensia Husain
Senior Technical Developer

About Ensia

My passion of technology started in high school when my dad gifted me a PC on my birthday. Initially I would play games on my computer but after high school I opted for computer science. The first language which I learn was Fortran and C++. I loved programming in C++ which eventually led me to Java language and taking up a master’s degree in computer science. I like Java and Spring Boot. I started with Java 1.2 version and now I work on 1.8. There has so many additions to java in terms of features and enhancements and its quite interesting to implement the new features in your own code. I like the challenges that involve new technology for instance automating a manual process with a new technology framework. It’s fun and a learning experience. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Alt+Tab. I can quickly move from one screen to other. Also, Ctrl+F to format code in IDE. I like to format my code so that it looks neat and clean. What are your personal passions and/or interests: I like collecting stationery, different journals, diaries and pens. I like to write things down rather than having a digital notebook. I also do bullet journaling. I also like dancing. Although I am not a professional dancer, and I never learned any dance form. I used to participate in group dances back in my school and university. Most interesting place you’ve ever travelled to: I visited a small town called McLeofGanj in India in 2016. It’s also knows as Little Lhasa because of its large population of Tibetans. It's also known as the residence of the Dalai Lama. McLeodGanj is full of beautiful and colorful Monasteries. People from all over the world go there for spirituality, learning meditation and also for Himalayan experiences and adventures. Favorite go-to lunch spot: Pumpernickel - It was my favorite spot for lunch, and it was right across the street from my workplace. I loved the Kale salad and the avocado sandwich there. Is there a personal or professional accomplishment you’d like to share: There are a few and I think moving to Canada is one of them. Moving to a new country can be overwhelming specially when it’s your first time. It was a big decision as I quit my job back in India and moved here by myself with only $5,000. I was scared and excited at the same time. Initially it was stressful with so many things to do like searching for a job and finding a place to live but I am glad I got my first job in 2 weeks of landing in Toronto and then I moved to Downtown. The transition took some time and now I love living here.