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Einas Madi
Senior Technical Developer

About Einas

I love working with Java for back-end development, React/Angular for front end, Python for Machine Learning work and the list goes on as I learn new technologies and where to use them! My father is a Computer Scientist and was always working on a fancy new machine. Touching his computer was prohibited and we all know, anything that is prohibited instantly makes it amazing. So, I delved into the world of CS thinking I was venturing into a world of taboo before realizing, it was just playing with my dad's computer that wasn't allowed. But by then - I was hooked! What I love most about Jonah is the ability to be close to so many different projects (and be in them). Most of the time I go to the kitchen I learn something new, whether it be about technology (React vs. Angular) or something completely random (like Toronto's largest rubber ducky). Getting to be around people with such a diverse mindset is simply amazing. On my spare time, I like running, working out, reading horror/gory/thriller/crime/detective books, doing crazy (or normal) things that push me out of my comfort zone and whipping up (hopefully good) dinner in under 20 minutes. Most interesting place I've traveled to: Egypt - mainly cause the list is very short - but also because it's a completely different culture, environment and vibe. It's almost like pushing a reset button when travelling, then again when I'm back. Favourite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl C, V - it's my most frequently used short cut and I can't imagine a world where it doesn't exist. Favourite go-to lunch spot: Kitchen table next to the window with (hopefully good) leftovers and my thriller crime series.