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Donghui Li
Donghui Li
Senior Vice President, Solution Delivery
Donghui is the VP of Solution Delivery for our Healthcare practice. Along with her focus on business development and project leadership, she leads our Project Management standards group. Donghui is a strong advocate for increasing women in tech and works to promote ethnic and cultural diversity in the office.

About Donghui

I've enjoyed solving puzzles since I was a little girl. It came from my dad, a math guru and mechanical engineer by trade - instead of telling stories, he challenged my sister and I with puzzles in order to kill time during long trips. Starting off as a Biochemist, I found joy in Bioinformatics by analyzing DNA sequences and 3D protein-folding models. Before long, I was writing my own scripts to automate sequence-analysis algorithms. That's when I started taking CS courses. I loved the immediate satisfaction I received from writing code that did exactly what I intended it to do, as opposed to Biochemical research, where most experiments exercised trial and error with long feedback loops. Over the years as a developer and technical architect, I designed and developed many interesting applications and solutions. One app that stands out was a complex source code generator that auto translates health insurance benefits rules into claims-processing mnemonics. It replaced costly and highly-specialized manual coding. We brought the to-market delivery of benefits packages down from 3 months to 1 week! Knowing that my solutions are running in production and delivering value to my customers gives me immense joy. It's what keeps me going! Nowadays, I'm contributing to project success as a project director, though I still get to leverage my technical strength and experiences. I look forward to advancing my capabilities in an era where machine learning and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing software solutions. What I like best about Jonah Group is the working environment. The Founders treat people as individuals instead of resources. I regularly enjoy casual conversations with my colleagues in and out of the office. In terms of personal development, I’ve been given ample opportunities and guidance to grow my career based on my interests and strength. Outside of Jonah, I like music, going to the gym and cooking! I've run the SportingLife 10K with my sons and a few Jonah peeps for the past 3 years. Favourite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-S, I learnt from hard mistakes! Most interesting place I've traveled to: Chengdu, Sichuan, China, where I had the best spicy food in my life! Haha, yeah, I am a foody. Favourite go-to lunch spot: Kupfurt & Kim, they make my favourite salad. Personal accomplishment I'm proud of: I made two beautiful boys. I'm proud of them, and of myself!