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Dmitriy Baybulatov
Senior Systems Administrator

About Dmitriy

My passion for technology came from my love for mathematics and games. At some point, I realized that I was really interested in "how does it work?", and not just the game itself. I think every child has a desire to disassemble a toy to see what's inside. Since then, I was looking for every opportunity to absorb information about technology as much as possible. My favourite technology is probably OS Linux. The OS gives me almost unlimited capabilities to create any functionality I want. The fact that all supercomputers, most servers on the internet, SpaceX rockets and Perseverance's helicopter on Mars are running Linux, already makes the OS special. My favourite part about working for Jonah is the truly friendly environment and the feeling that I'm surrounded by people who really like their job and share my passion for technology. I think the goal of any human activity should be a creation. That's why I prefer to get rid of any repetitive job. If there is a repeatable algorithm of steps, then it should be automated and done by a machine. Information technology is my personal passion; however, I also like space exploration and astrophysics, martial arts and ... baking! Favorite keyboard shortcut: In the majority of Linux distributions ctrl + alt + t starts a terminal (a command-line interface), a place where I feel the most comfortable. Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: The most interesting place I travelled to is a national park in Germany called Sächsische Schweiz with Königstein Fortress. The place surprised me by its beauty and the engineering complexity of the fortress. Favorite song to code to: I prefer complete silence while I'm coding.