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Devin Ebersbach
Technical Architect

About Devin

My passion for technology started in late elementary school when I was using sites like Myspace that had site/page builder functionality. This got me to explore web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. Once I got to high school, this led me to take programming. In grade 9, we started with the Turing language, and then we learned Java. I enjoyed these classes a lot, so I decided to continue them and then I took software engineering in University, to pursue this as a career path. I would say Java web technologies are my favourite to work with, since they're a combination of two things individually (Java and web technologies), which is what got me interested in pursuing programming as a career path. Jonah is an ideal workplace. There's a great culture, flexible working hours, and the chance to work from home. Outside of Jonah, my interests are gaming (mostly RPG's and platformers), and playing the clarinet. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + I' in Eclipse, to properly format/indent content for easier reading. Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. It's interesting visiting the cultural/heritage sites and a good escape from the big city lifestyle. Favourite song to code to: I prefer to listen to technology podcasts while coding, instead of music. I normally listen to weekly podcasts from the TWiT (This Week in Tech) network that cover topics about security, tech law, general news, and more. Favourite go-to lunch spot: Fynn's of Temple Bar