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Dennis Courneyea
Senior Technical Developer

About Dennis

I was a child during the early days of personal computers and my parents were quick to recognize that computer skills would be important in the future. A few iconic early PCs passed through the household or were bought by neighbours, but they ended up buying a now obscure Texas Instruments computer. I had some games to play on it which it loaded by booting into them; however, beyond those games its primary user interface was a BASIC interpreter, so in learning to use the computer I got an early start in programming. I like working with SQL, in part because it is one of few successful declarative (4th generation) languages, and because most projects have at least some reporting and data processingSQL being designed specifically for this is an efficient tool. I also enjoy Java and the Spring Framework as they're the toolset with which I first learned to apply object-oriented design and modern software engineering principles. I like working at Jonah because of the people. I love being surrounded by people I can learn from through random discussions about software engineering, history, and philosophy. In my pastime I enjoy history and tabletop role playing games. I enjoy making things, for example building my own home computers, and dabble a bit in wood working. Most interesting place I've ever traveled to: Probably Lake Superior and Algonquin Park. The former for standing on a beach in heavy rain, thunder, and lightning watching the waves crash into the shore while surrounded by beautiful wilderness. The later for lazy of days of canoeing. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + W in IntelliJ. Stepwise expansion of text selection is a small thing, but it is incredibly convenient and makes my day-to-day work easier. Favorite song to code to: I don't have any one favourite; I have a large music collection and listen to a wide variety of rock and electronic music depending on my mood. Favorite go-to lunch spot: I like variety, rarely going to the same place two days in a row, and often trying new places.