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David Evans
Project Director

About David

David is a seasoned technology leader in the capital markets and healthcare verticals. As Project Director for Jonah Group, he oversees custom build and integration projects in each of the healthcare and finance sectors. David's 30-year career has been dedicated to practicing and leading effective application development projects. He has consulted for investment firms in Toronto, London, Boston and New York, primarily designing and developing data engineering systems that support portfolio management and quantitative research. He has designed and led the development of several products, including a macro-economic data management platform for the Central Bank of Chile, which resulted in a re-saleable product for Sungard Data Systems. David spent 8 years with CPP Investment Board. As Senior Manager, Portfolio Analytics Systems, he managed multiple development teams responsible for analytic systems across investment departments in public, private and alternative asset classes. In 2016, David turned his attention toward FinTech and Blockchain. He completed an MIT FinTech course, where he led a team to research the application of digital identities and Blockchain for more efficient government services. In 2017, he led the winning team for an Ethereum hackathon in sponsored by BlockGeeks in Toronto and was hired as CTO for a startup, HealthChain. With an awesome team and strong DevOps practices, they built an electronic prescribing platform with Hyperledger Fabric that connected a network of doctors, pharmacists and patients over a Hyperledger Fabric based solution architecture.