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Dan Sarbu
Senior Vice President, Solution Delivery

About Dan

My passion for technology probably came from my dad. As a kid, I always liked to tinker around and build stuff or solve problems. For a long time, I believed that my passion was math, however, once I was introduced to computers and programming, I discovered that this was my true calling and never looked back. I can say that I was very fortunate from this perspective, since I could turn my passion into a career. While I don't do any programming these days, I cannot say if I have ever had a “favorite” technology. I see the technology as simply being the tool that helps you solve the problem that you are dealing with. Most of the challenges that I am dealing with these days at the office are not necessarily technical in nature, however, I still get a kick whenever I get an opportunity to be part of the initial technical conversations when starting out a new complex project. Out of the office, I would like to solve the mystery of the “carve jibe”... lots of moving parts... I really find it truly challenging, at least for the time being. The best part of Jonah is its people. Working with smart, like-minded people who, in general, are quite passionate about the work that they do makes it an ideal work environment. Unfortunately, I have a few too many hobbies and not enough time to dedicate to all of them though, however all my current hobbies are all about being outdoors and around water. I guess that at this stage my main interest to inspire and pass to my kids the love of being outdoors and love nature (at least, while we still have some nature left). Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: one of my favorite places would the blue waters and islands of Georgian Bay, because it is quite convenient, practically in our backyard, and for someone who likes outdoors and being around water, it offers an infinite number of opportunities. Favorite song to code to: I don't code much anymore, however back in the day I was mainly listening to (good) heavy metal music: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeath, Halloween, Black Sabbath, you name it. It is a bit strange, but somehow the bigger the noise the better I could focus and get into the zone... I remember that I also tried to listen to classical music (I have a few favorites, but unfortunately none of them alive), but somehow I found it too distracting... pretty weird, eh? A personal or professional accomplishment you'd like to share: I will definitely let you know once I have mastered the “carve jibe”.