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Chris Menezes
Intermediate Technical Developer

About Chris

My father is a former software developer. One of my earliest memories of him is being in his office and seeing the screensaver of pipes being built and since then I have always had a fascination with technology and computers. I was interested in learning how things worked. That prompted me to join the robotics club where I met a teacher supervisor who introduced me to the concept of programming. My favourite technology to work with is Java. It's the language that I have worked with the most (both personal and professional circles). Mainly, I like how it employs the OOP paradigm, which I feel is a great way to solve problems as it makes the concepts more concrete so I can better think of possible solutions. I also like Python. It's a great language to get something up and running with relative ease. If I need to check some specific syntax I can just fire up a shell and check it rather than setting up a class and a runnable. Plus, the list manipulations in Python are really interesting. The best part about working for Jonah is the culture. Jonah has a personality, which comes from a bunch of different places whether it's the salad club, a slack tangent thread, TNS, etc. At its core, the culture is driven by its people. At Jonah, I work with some of the smartest and funniest people I've had the pleasure of meeting. Almost everyone has something that they have going on or are passionate about, and it's easy to talk to them and learn something new. It's a more casual environment and that definitely helps in keeping things light-hearted and approachable. Outside of Jonah, I like playing and watching Basketball, watching Anime, and reading cooking books (with the distant dream of maybe one-day cooking things from them). Most interesting place you've ever traveled to: Seattle. The idea of seeing a full fish being hurled across a shop was enough to get me to visit it. The Pike Place Market definitely didn't disappoint. The city also seemed like it had the right balance of greenery and city life for me. Plus, the mild weather was so nice! Favorite keyboard shortcut: Alt + Tab. Most of my life I have only had one monitor to work with so I have had to manage any precious real estate on that monitor. As a result, I feel like most of the time I waste the space provided by the second monitor I have here, but old habits die hard. Most of the time I am bouncing between 2-3 applications and quickly switching to the last app I was using is luxury that now I don't think I could live without. Favourite song to code to: it's a tie between Europe's 'The Final Countdown' for situations where I feel like I need to meet deadlines, and Kendrick Lamar's 'HiiiPower' for when I am trying to design something. The flow is something I can groove to and lets my mind do its thing. Favourite go-to lunch spot: Wilbur's. The hot sauce selection is a sight to behold. Everyone should try every single one of them at least once. An accomplishment I'm proud of: winning a Jonah award for funniest Jonahite after being here for just a month and a half is definitely an accomplishment for me. I feel like it marries my personal and professional aspects perfectly, as I think making someone laugh or smile is one of the best ways to impact them. Being recognized for that so quickly made me feel that Jonah was a wonderful fit for me.