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Andre Oliveira
Technical Architect

About Andre

Like many of my colleagues, my passion for technology came from family influences. My father has a long and broad career in Information Technology, and now I've joined the ranks! My curiosity started with MS-DOS based games and hardware components, then moved to script languages, small self-coded programs and networks. Each of these concepts and ideas matured when I decided to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Since childhood, I was always intrigued by machine architecture and internal mechanisms (how were machines assembled? How do they function?). This has translated into a special interest in cars; outside of work, I really like to read about diagnostics of common problems and DIY tutorials. Hopefully in the future I will be able to dive deeper and try some more complex automotive procedures. Recently, my work at Jonah Group has centered around .NET C#, JavaScript, and MSSQL. I am very interested in distributed systems and high-performance applications. I also enjoy working in all application layers, from databases to business-specific implementations and presentation interfaces. I believe that technology is a tool for solving complex problems; my role is to apply this tool in the most efficient way. Even outside of the office, I like to tackle challenges by applying technology in various mediums. Nothing makes me happier than developing solutions to improve peoples' lives. As a technologist, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help others in this way. What I really like about Jonah Group is how it joins the best of two worlds: small and big businesses. As in most small businesses, you have the freedom to express your ideas and suggestions knowing that they will be heard. At the same time, we have a mature team of experts who provide the support necessary to achieve results. These qualities allow Jonahites to grow quickly while offering the stability you'd find in a large company. It's a great incubator for progress! Favorite keyboard shortcut: Alt + Tab: Used to switch between windows. Sometimes when you're stuck, all you need is a different point of view! Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: I just love travelling and getting to know other cultures. If I have to mention somewhere specific, it would be Bariloche, Argentina. This place combines indescribable sights and eco-systems with an amazing selection of steaks! =)