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Allen Lee
Intermediate Technical Developer

About Allen

My passion for technology came from high school where I spent a lot of time playing League of Legends and wanted to build similar applications that provided customers the same experience that League of Legends did for me: high application uptime with low latency per request. I enjoy working with Python, Java, and C. They are my favourite languages to program with because the combination of these three allow me to build applications quickly, and design with performance. Docker and Kubernetes are my favourite tools recently to containerize and standardize application deployment across different environments. I have a passion for building new server and client-based video games. This topic allows me to explore a bit of UI design, backend server performance, security, deploying to the cloud, and most importantly enjoy the result of playing the video game. The greatest part of working at Jonah is the fact that I can have casual talk with coworkers from other teams to learn more about the technological stack they work with and exchange our experiences and opinions on various topics such as performance, and design decisions. Favorite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-T and Ctrl-N depending on the application to open new tabs quickly. Some of the things I enjoy outside of work are basketball, sneakers, cars, Korean dramas, anime, food, and Japan. A personal accomplishment I am proud of is that I ran a half marathon that is 21km with my friends and made it to the finish line. Most interesting place you've ever travelled to: Japan is the most interesting country in the world to me. The different amounts of variety of food available for cheap prices, the quiet community, animations, subway infrastructure, and clean air makes me want to revisit occasionally. Favorite song to code to: Any song where there is either no lyrics, or song with lyrics in a language I do not understand. This becomes white noise to me and helps me concentrate. Favorite go-to lunch spot: Tim Hortons with Ganesh. They have the best price to food ratio around and tastes amazing.