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Allan Wong
Vice President, Sales
Allan brings to Jonah Group over two decades of leadership experience in services, sales, and management with global IT enterprises. He is passionate about customer experience in every stage of the sales-delivery journey and he found a perfect match for his zeal in Jonah's relationship-driven, success-focused approach to all things customer-related.

About Allan

I majored in computational mathematics at U of Toronto many years ago. I was in geek heaven using math models and computer simulation to solve complex physical problems like how a speaker diaphragm reacts to air pressure inside a speaker box, or what is the right air density to bounce a ping pong ball in midair. Then one day it dawned on me that I might need a practical skill to earn a living in case this computer thing did not work out. So, I got a backup degree in actuarial science - thankfully, this computer thing kind of worked out for me. I started out as a developer right after school. As much as I loved programming, I learned quickly that it was easier to make a living by talking, so I got into sales, and then management. Jonahites are an amazing bunch, they are engaging, diverse and infinitely interesting. The Jonah environment cultivates intellectual independence and encourages professional curiosity. It is a great place to work. I am an athletic geek and I have an obsessive need to be active. The longest gap between two workouts in the last two decades for me is two days - despite numerous injuries (self-inflicted or otherwise), countless business trips around the world and even an excursion into the Serengeti. Most treasured personal accomplishment: Being a father to my daughter. The most exotic location I have traveled to: Ngorongoro Crater Safari in Tanzania, a wildlife preserve on top of a dormant volcano. Favourite keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-S, got burned too many times.