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Our Services

Thoughtful, engaged delivery

Our clients require agility, curiosity, and active participation from their technology partners. We're engaged by interesting challenges and the opportunity to flex our creative muscles.

We help our clients understand how to design and apply effective UX, robust architecture, and targeted data analytics, or what we call “interact, transact, and extract”. We consider how each of these influences the overall value generated by the solution, helping our clients to unearth opportunities they may not have contemplated.

We offer starter packages to help our clients begin to explore value-generating opportunities without breaking the bank. These customizable packages represent what 1–2 people can confidently accomplish in 2–3 weeks.

DevOps Maturity Assessment

What it is

Improving DevOps practices can be challenging for organizations, particularly in sustaining and measuring progress. Working with our partner Arctiq, a Canadian DevOps powerhouse, we leverage DevOps EQ application and assessment plan to help clients identify human effort and practically resolve the inefficiencies of their software development life cycle - from an end-to-end viewpoint.

What you get

  • A comprehensive assessment of your organization's current DevOps maturity level, including a detailed report of your current state and areas of improvement
  • Expert guidance from experienced consultants with a deep understanding of DevOps practices, processes, and tools
  • A clear and actionable roadmap that outlines the necessary steps for your organization to improve its DevOps capabilities


  • 60-90-minute working session to map current and future SDLC state. ( artifacts)
  • 60-90-minute working session to measure the source of your metrics and SDLC. DevOps EQ will provide a match for business requirements to your talent pool & technology
  • 30-minute Report Review/Executive Summary Walk Through (top 4 priorities)
  • 30-minute high level roadmap/Proposal (Duration/Scope Order)
  • 30-minute SOW/RFP content for implementation
  • A typical assessment costs CAD $30K

Next steps

Schedule a call with one of our reps to walk you through the DevOps Maturity Assessment.

Application Modernization Roadmap

What It Is

Application modernization prepares for healthy operation and evolution while maintaining past commitments to legacy application users. Our Modernization Roadmap QuickStart uncovers potential improvements to legacy technology choices and deployment processes and architecture, suggesting a positive way forward.

What You Get

  • Application inventory
  • Proposed architecture changes
  • A list of new stories required to complete the roadmap
  • Dev-ops pipeline improvement suggestions
  • A hybrid deployment / migration strategy
  • A high-level cost estimate


  • Participation in a 3-hr legacy app analysis session
  • Participation in a 2-hr current and target technical architecture analysis session
  • Participation in a 2-hr Integration point analysis session per integrated system
  • CAD $25K for a time-boxed two-week analysis effort (can be tailored to reduced or expanded scope)

Next Steps

Read this article on the importance of Discovery in the overall roadmap for a custom software project.

Schedule a call with one of our reps to walk you through the Modernization QuickStart.

Application Concept Discovery

What It Is

Our Application Concept Discovery QuickStart is a short, but intense series of meetings designed to convert your conceptual ideas into an organized framework, from which we'll understand the size and complexity of your project, as well as the cost to realize it.

What You Get

  • A formalization of your requirements as story titles
  • A set of personas representing your application users
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) scope recommendation
  • High Level implementation cost estimate


  • Participation in two 4-hr moderated Discovery sessions with your stakeholders
  • Participation in a 2-hr Integration point analysis session per integrated system
  • CAD $25K for a time-boxed two-week analysis effort

Next Steps

Read this article on the importance of Discovery in the overall roadmap for a custom software project

Schedule a call with one of our reps to walk you through the Discovery QuickStart.

Product-to-Service Strategy

What It Is

Products hide the complexities and back-end processes of manufacturing your product, but services also hide the complexities and back-end processes of delivering your product. Think "cars" vs "taxis." Our "Product-to-Service Strategy" QuickStart package helps you to uncover opportunities to turn your products into services and experiences that your customers want and need, allowing your business to grow in tandem with market forces and expectations.

What You Get

  • A technology strategy for exposing your products and assets as services
  • A list of stories and associated personas required to implement the strategy
  • Propositions for new business models or revenue streams
  • A high-level project plan, resource plan, and cost estimate for executing the work


  • Participation in two x 2-hr product analysis sessions
  • Participation in a 2-hr Integration point analysis session per integrated system
  • CAD $25K for a time-boxed two-week architecture analysis effort

Next Steps

Read this article to learn more about the kinds of changes that may be profitable on your service journey.

Schedule a call with one of our reps to walk you through the Product to Service Strategy QuickStart.

Application Project Rescue

What It Is

There are many reasons for a software development project to fail, from inept execution to muddled objectives, inferior design to lack of quality developers. Don’t let the development team’s inability to deliver your vision threaten your business.

At the Jonah Group, we have zero failed projects in the last twenty years. By instilling project management rigour, metrics that matter, transparency and quality into failing projects, we have taken over from many other development vendors and brought their applications to successful go-live.

  • Jonah-branded development methodology LightWave®
  • Experienced onshore architects and developers
  • Meticulous project management using the Lychee tool
  • Complete transparency with up-to-the-minute reporting
  • Project manager who understands your business objectives
  • Sprint plans that align with your success milestones

What You Get

2-week Project Rescue Assessment exercise to your project around:

  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Current state review
  • Source code review and optional security assessment
  • Documentation review
  • Estimation review and update
  • CI/CD pipelines assessment
  • Project and sprint planning


  • Participation in stakeholder consultation sessions
  • Participation in project plan and estimation review
  • CAD $25K for a time-boxed two-week Project Rescue Assessment

Next Steps

Schedule a call with one of our reps to walk you through the Application Project Rescue QuickStart package.

Application Repatriation and Stabilization

What It Is

It is difficult to extend your custom application’s lifespan and maximize its ROI without a proper support and sustainment plan from a reliable vendor with the right service mindset. Partnering with a competent software development company will support your tailored applications, maintain them and evolve them through new features.

Jonah Group Application Management Services will extend your application’s service life and offer you peace of mind by assuming the management and support from the current vendor:

  • Peace of mind onshore application support services
  • Tailored service levels
  • Realistic takeover plan
  • Roadmap of application evolution & renovation
  • Evolution sprint plans and status reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Highly skilled and experienced team
  • Bootstrap application runbook
  • Assessment of ongoing support requirements

What You Get

4-week Initiation and Transition exercise

  • Initiation + stakeholder consultations
  • Source code review
  • Technical documentation review
  • Update documentation & runbooks
  • Repatriate source code and build artifacts
  • Assess CI/CD pipelines
  • Environment stabilization plan
  • Backlog analysis
  • Estimation and take-over plan


  • Participation in stakeholder consultation sessions
  • Participation in evolution plan and estimation review
  • CAD $40K for Initiation and Transition effort

Next Steps

Schedule a call with one of our reps to walk you through the Application Repatriation and Stabilization QuickStart package.

Software Security and CI/CD Assessment

What It Is

With the proliferation of cloud native environments, API-driven architectures, containers, and microservices, application security has taken on a new dimension. In fact, conventional application security protocols are unable to keep pace with the progress in DevOps and software architecture. Are your security policies and tests being applied consistently to every build? Are your artifact and release repositories vulnerable to intrusion of malicious code? An independent assessment on your DevOps practice, CI/CID pipelines and tools will evaluate your custom application’s security stance, compliance and vulnerabilities.

  • Eliminate vulnerabilities early in the development cycle
  • Maintain consistency in build quality and security stance
  • Expose DevOps and security risks together in contextual settings
  • Drive continuous automation

What You Get

1-week in-depth DevSecOps Assessment

  • Assessment led by security and DevOps experts
  • In-depth reports on risks and vulnerabilities
  • Assess release, artifact and other repositories
  • Analyze pipeline and its components (e.g. triggers, tools, etc.)
  • Automated testing assessment
  • DevOps improvement recommendations
  • Assessment report


  • CAD $15K for a time-boxed one-week DevSecOp assessment

Next Steps

Schedule a call with one of our reps to walk you through the Software Security and CI/CD Assessment QuickStart.

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Proven results since 2001

We hire smart technologists who are naturally tuned for service, simplicity, and the intrinsic beauty of the "perfect fit".

We imagine, plan, and then work hard, fast, and smart to meet our targets.

  • 100%

    project completion rate

  • 4

    years average length of our customer relationships

  • 505 +

    custom solutions built

Typical Project Pricing

Value Focus

Project typeBallpark range
Starter package (review, assessment, evaluation, strategy consultation)$10–30K
Prototype, POC, mobile app, or small project$30–125K
Version 1.0 (MVP) of web-based UI or data warehouse$125–450K
Fully-featured multi-tier, multi-platform project$450–1.5M
Complex, multi-phase enterprise program$1.5M+

Pricing Options

Time & Materials

We can price engagements based on time and materials. A clear problem definition, high-level estimate, iterative delivery, and professional project management means you know each hour is being applied effectively.

Fixed Price

A fixed price based engagement may be suitable based on our shared understanding of the use cases required to address your specific business challenge. We move quickly to provide a ballpark quote once we have some details, and use our Discovery process to increase the accuracy of the quote in advance of signing the development contract. Scope may be variable (tuned continuously to the overall budget) or fixed (with a CR process supporting scope changes).

Team member leads group discussion

We wear many tools on our belt.

Because we're not aligned with any one technology, we're not constrained by inappropriate choices. We mix and match, mash up, and inter-operate, and if we can't find the right technology for you, we build it custom. We operate this way because this is what a custom solution requires.

This underpins our service delivery, and provides forward momentum for the joint team.

  • Specializations

    • Web Applications
    • Machine Learning
    • Big Data
    • Data Analytics
    • Blockchain / Distributed Ledgers
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting
    • Mobile Applications
  • Enterprise Software

    • HortonWorks Data Platform
    • AWS
    • Oracle, DB/2, MSSQL
    • Informatica
    • Business Objects
    • Hyperledger
    • WebSphere
    • Docker
  • Tools & Frameworks

    • Java / J2EE
    • C# / .NET
    • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
    • ReactJS
    • AngularJS
    • Spring
    • Python
    • Drools

Get Started

Let’s chat about the possibilities.

We’re excited to hear about your idea, or to simply learn more about what you hope to achieve.

Once we get started, we’ll make sure our shared team is well-prepared, focused, and excited about the challenge of creating something new and valuable for your business. During Discovery we’ll organize our intent, and align understanding, setting the stage for a valuable collaboration.

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