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Our Services

Thoughtful, engaged delivery

Our clients require agility, curiosity, and active participation from their technology partners. We're engaged by interesting challenges and the opportunity to flex our creative muscles.

We help our clients understand how to design and apply effective UX, robust architecture, and targeted data analytics, or what we call “interact, transact, and extract”. We consider how each of these influences the overall value generated by the solution, helping our clients to unearth opportunities they may not have contemplated.

We offer starter packages to help our clients begin to explore value-generating opportunities without breaking the bank. These customizable packages represent what 1–2 people can confidently accomplish in 2–3 weeks.

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Discovery + UX Design
  • Software Architecture Review
  • Data Intelligence Assessment
  • Machine Learning Opportunity Review
  • Automation Opportunity Review
  • Blockchain Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation
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Proven results since 2001

We hire smart technologists who are naturally tuned for service, simplicity, and the intrinsic beauty of the "perfect fit".

We imagine, plan, and then work hard, fast, and smart to meet our targets.

  • 100%

    project completion rate

  • 4

    years average length of our customer relationships

  • 475

    custom solutions built

Typical Project Pricing

Value Focus

Project typeBallpark range
Starter package (review, assessment, evaluation, strategy consultation)$10–30K
Prototype, POC, mobile app, or small project$30–125K
Version 1.0 (MVP) of web-based UI or data warehouse$125–450K
Fully-featured multi-tier, multi-platform project$450–1.5M
Complex, multi-phase enterprise program$1.5M+

Pricing Options

Time & Materials

We can price engagements based on time and materials. A clear problem definition, high-level estimate, iterative delivery, and professional project management means you know each hour is being applied effectively.

Fixed Price

A fixed price based engagement may be suitable based on our shared understanding of the use cases required to address your specific business challenge. We move quickly to provide a ballpark quote once we have some details, and use our Discovery process to increase the accuracy of the quote in advance of signing the development contract. Scope may be variable (tuned continuously to the overall budget) or fixed (with a CR process supporting scope changes).

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We wear many tools on our belt.

Because we're not aligned with any one technology, we're not constrained by inappropriate choices. We mix and match, mash up, and inter-operate, and if we can't find the right technology for you, we build it custom. We operate this way because this is what a custom solution requires.

This underpins our service delivery, and provides forward momentum for the joint team.

  • Specializations

    • Web Applications
    • Machine Learning
    • Big Data
    • Data Analytics
    • Blockchain / Distributed Ledgers
    • Business Intelligence and Reporting
    • Mobile Applications
  • Enterprise Software

    • HortonWorks Data Platform
    • AWS
    • Oracle, DB/2, MSSQL
    • Informatica
    • Business Objects
    • Hyperledger
    • WebSphere
    • Docker
  • Tools & Frameworks

    • Java / J2EE
    • C# / .NET
    • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
    • ReactJS
    • AngularJS
    • Spring
    • Python
    • Drools

Get Started

Let’s chat about the possibilities.

We’re excited to hear about your idea, or to simply learn more about what you hope to achieve.

Once we get started, we’ll make sure our shared team is well-prepared, focused, and excited about the challenge of creating something new and valuable for your business. During Discovery we’ll organize our intent, and align understanding, setting the stage for a valuable collaboration.

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