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Customizable products to amplify your business

Custom work is the best work. Buying off-the-shelf can get you 80% of what you need, and a whole lot of what you don't. We create custom digital products wherever we feel the market has not properly addressed either an internal need or a recurring client need. We have three such products, which we make available for our clients to buy and further customize.

When deploying them for you, we take the time to remove everything you don't require and further build in the missing pieces that you do (we are a custom development shop, after all). In this way, the product feels bespoke, but comes at a much lower overall cost than one built from scratch.


Experience the people-first approach to the hybrid office

Office Management
Workplace Logistics
Trend Analytics

Manage office neighbourhoods, collaboration spaces and even parking spots with a people-first platform.


No-code decisions driven by your SMEs, not your developers

Business Decision Modelling
Data Analysis
Seamless Integration

Automate your business with a digital twin.


Streamline business operations and master time

Time Management
Business Operations
Budget Tracking

Quickly specify and synchronize on roadmaps, search for and deploy resources, analyze how fast teams are moving, and understand at a glance how effort and costs relate to value streams.