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Streamline business operations and master time

Success in business requires a mastery of time. Efficient enterprises need to quickly specify and synchronize on roadmaps, search for and deploy resources, analyze how fast their teams are moving, and understand at a glance how effort and costs relate to value streams.

Optimal decisions about "where to go from here" require reconciliation of the differences between plans and reality. Time is at the heart of all this, and Lychee™ is the power tool for these processes.


Lychee™ integrates with your CRM, issue tracker, HRIS, and accounting system

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At the heart of your business

What if the billable time your team members spent automatically appeared on company invoices? Suppose you didn't have to double-enter issues and tasks from your issue management system? And wouldn't you like to understand team member availability, cost, and skillset from your HRIS before assigning people to projects? Lychee™ excels at all of these.

Lychee™ sits at your operational centre, integrating with your CRM (Hubspot, SalesForce), accounting system (Quickbooks, Netsuite), issue management system (JIRA, Gitlab), HRIS (Workday), and filesystem (OneDrive, Google Drive), coordinating the most important processes in your business. Its flexible plugin architecture allows you to easily support your preferred tools.

Coordinate with your customers

Lychee™ includes a customer-facing mobile app, giving them a window into project status and progress at all times.

  • checkmark-iconTeam makeup
  • checkmark-iconContractual budget
  • checkmark-iconEarned value
  • checkmark-iconRed / yellow / green status
  • checkmark-iconInvoice milestones

Track plans and reality

We all know that blind adherence to plans that arrive "from the top" is a recipe for failure. Lychee™ empowers ongoing estimation and re-estimation at all levels by all collaborators, helping people to stay attached to the "makeability" of plans, and allowing these plans to better flex with changing realities. Many products provide "visibility," but Lychee™ delivers alignment: it ensures that rolled-up operational and product portfolio data is actually meaningful.

Plan, track, and re-estimate

  • checkmark-iconBudget history
  • checkmark-iconResource plan
  • checkmark-iconOngoing “time remaining” estimates
  • checkmark-iconVelocity and efficiency
  • checkmark-icon“Budget use” analysis

Efficient workflows

  • checkmark-iconTime entry, submission, and approval
  • checkmark-iconCalendar integration
  • checkmark-iconTime entry suggestions
  • checkmark-iconInvoice generation, delivery, and payment
  • checkmark-iconPayroll accruals
  • checkmark-iconTeam formation

The need for speed

Let's face it - time tracking is a bit of a pain. Switching context from working to recording what you did is interruptive, and somehow never seems to confer any benefit to you, the person entering the time!

Lychee™ gives team members visibility into their own productivity, by connecting them with plans and helping them to understand their own estimation performance and productivity over time.

Lychee™ also lowers the energy it takes to get time into your time sheet. Pins give you easy access to tasks you use regularly. Time entries can be automatically created from the activity in your calendar. Timers allow you to easily track elapsed time on your focused work efforts. 'Suggested Tasks' allow team members to simply accept time entries suggested by their collaborators (good for that team stand-up). Finally, tasks can be standardized using company-wide templates, or they may be sync'd from projects within your issue management system to avoid double entry.

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