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Healthy software for healthier patients

Doctors have always helped patients to live healthier lives, and they have always needed the best available tools to do so. In the 21st century those tools include a state-of-the-art web application called Health Focus to track patient data and help improve patient outcomes.

Product Platforms

  • Web App

  • Data Warehousing

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About HVPA

Huron Valley Physicians Association (HVPA) is an independent physician association located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its 450+ members are located throughout Southeast Michigan across multiple specialties. HVPA is committed to supporting and preserving independent physician practices in the community by providing resources, information and technology to enable physicians to better service their patients.

Our Journey

In February of 2017, the Jonah Group was contacted by a former long-term client who had recently landed in a senior role at HVPA.

Having done work for her in the past, she was familiar with our customer-focused approach, dependable service, and technical expertise in the health care space. With her strong referral we were awarded a contract to build a completely revamped and expanded version of HVPA's legacy software, Health Focus. Our team of 7 began working on this application soon after. In early February 2018, a beta version was launched, and training of the member offices began. Shortly thereafter, the 1st phase of the application was fully live, serving all 450+ member offices.

Our Relationship

In the words of Donghui Li, Jonah Group’s HVPA project director, “Our joint team enjoys a very strong working relationship and a healthy respect for each others' capabilities.”

"Though we’re not co-located, we are close-knit and communicate regularly on different channels to stay apprised of important project updates. HVPA's Clinical Team was very engaged throughout the entire design and development stage, providing us with clear, well-defined requirements describing how their end users would interact with the web application and data warehouse. They wholeheartedly dove in to the iterative requirements gathering process, and the dynamic working relationship was exciting for everyone."

We agreed to use the latest front-end technologies on this project, making it an exciting project for all. "We’ve been able to extend our knowledge on these technologies and apply them practically to our project. This is what my team loves most – the chance to work on complex business problems using cutting-edge technologies."

"We liked working with Deb and her team at HVPA because they eagerly adopted LightWave®, our agile development process, allowing us to more effectively apply the standards and processes we know work best on projects like this. It’s very satisfying when a customer agrees to trust our recommendations, and help us deliver excellent work."

"Ultimately," Donghui concludes, "I think this has been one of my best project experiences. I have nothing but great things to say about this client."

Our Work

Health Focus is a population health management tool that helps health care providers identify at-risk populations within their practice, manage chronic disease and preventive care opportunities, provide recommended guidelines for evidence-based care, and alert the provider to gaps in care history.

The application can be used to monitor and proactively manage care for all patients, while at the same time helping the provider to meet quality guidelines established by commercial health plan incentives.

Health Focus was completely redesigned by The Jonah Group, with data from HVPA's fully-integrated data warehouse. The data was presented in several user-friendly formats reflecting an overarching user-centric and on-brand design concept.

For the application backend, The Jonah Group also built a master patient index with heuristics for cleansing, merging and matching duplicate and near-duplicate patient data from disparate and volatile external data feeds, and a custom engine dynamically tracking compliance and performance over 100 different HEDIS measures.

Our team thoroughly enjoys working with the Jonah team. We are very excited to implement the new and improved Health Focus Population Health Management tool to our members and potentially others. I very much appreciate the updates and all the hard work Jonah Group is putting into ensuring we deliver a meaningful and useful tool to our members. This tool will help our providers work-in a proactive and efficient manner to produce improved financial and quality outcomes. We want it to be a value-add to the offices as it relates to managing their patients and performance opportunities. Jonah has done amazing work thus far and continues to develop a superior and useful product.

Deb Roberts
Executive Director, HVPA


HVPA deployed the Jonah Group's newly built Health Focus app in March 2018, and it is currently being used by over 450 physician offices.

Due to its user-friendly design, intuitive workflows, dynamic and modern graphs, and efficient data presentation, the first phase of the new web tool has received very positive feedback. Since Health Focus was launched, it has significantly improved efficiency for member physicians to track and manage the health of their patients. The Jonah Group is working on enriching the application with more advanced features as driven by the needs of HVPA’s member offices.

Team meeting in boardroom

Project Lead

Donghui Li

Donghui Li

Senior Vice President, Solution Delivery

(416) 304-0860 x132

We’re experts in Health Services technology

Contact us to for more details on the tools and technologies used in this project, or for more information about our full service technology solutions. Below, you can download a 1-page information sheet about our health care experience.

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