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The Decision Engine™ is a SaaS component created by Jonah Group that you can easily integrate into a decision workflow through web hooks and streaming interfaces. It puts the decision rules back in the hands of your SMEs, and provides a user interface to specify and test decision models. It can be deployed on its own and attached to your data sources and sinks, or it can be paired with a custom application that drives the engine through its high-performing API.


SMEs create models without developer intervention


Easily integrates with your enterprise data ecosystem without additional IT infrastructure


Built-in features for SMEs to test and refine models before go-live


Removes noise with easy result filtering


Linear scalability with data volume and model complexity


Lean, low-lift engine for decision modelling and execution only. Can be paired with custom workflow applications

The Decision Engine™ can be paired with a fit-for purpose custom workflow application

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Business Benefits

  • Comfortably coexists with legacy decision platforms
  • Low-risk, uncomplicated, and ultra-quick implementation
  • Minimal upfront cost; scales linearly on demand
  • Small footprint: not disruptive to your existing IT workflows
  • Simple to sustain and operate: no large teams/infrastructure
  • Easily ask new questions about your business

Inclusive, not Intrusive

No one wants to embark upon an expensive data warehousing project in order to specify a set of decision rules. The Decision Engine creates no new data sources or sinks, and doesn't itself store any enterprise data. Integration is a breeze (a few hours to connect existing data sources and sinks in your environment), after which you can create, share, and evolve your decision models without needing developers!

Easy 5-step implementation process

1. Define the environments you need

1x QA and 1x Prod environments are typical. Setup time is hours, not days or weeks.

2. Decide what decisions you’re interested in

3. Create the decision model

We will create the initial models for your and train your SMEs to create their own.

4. Attach input data source(s)

5. Attach consumer(s) of decisions

We will help your IT team connect data sources and consumers.

Enterprise Context

The Decision Engine can be used as a SaaS platform or it can be deployed on premise. It integrates with your existing data lakes and warehouses through a simple web hook or streaming interface.

Click on the steps below to understand the deployment context.

  • Step 1

    Collect customer data

  • Step 2

    Extract analytics data

  • Step 3

    Run Decision Programs

  • Step 4

    Exercise Decision models

  • Step 5

    Return Decisions

  • Step 6

    Configure Decision models


Enterprise-wide decisions

The Decision Engine™ has a wide utility for many enterprise decisions, from product recommendation, to anomaly detection, to data quality and validation.

Decision types

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Risk Threshold
  • Affiliation Threshold
  • Lightweight Transformation ETL
  • Prediction
  • Opportunity Recognition
  • Data Validation
  • Product Recommendation "Best Fit"
  • Pricing

Sample use cases

These decision types can be applied within any business domain or process that uses a complex, evolving decision tree.

service modal

Financial Services

  • Credit Decisioning
  • Loan Delinquency Prediction / Probability of Default
  • Fraud Detection
  • AML Detection
  • ETL Data Validation
  • Customer Journey
service modal

Automotive Sales

  • F&I Target
  • Credit Check
  • Aftermarket Upgrades
  • "Customers Like Me"
  • Brand Affiliation
  • Service Program
  • Financial Products
service modal

Health Insurance

  • Pricing
  • Claims Payability
  • Proactive Care
  • Best Policy Fit
  • Coverage Configuration
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  • Return lookback offer
  • Missed credits and deductions
  • DIY / assisted / retail segmentation
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