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Careers at Jonah Group

Interested in designing and building custom digital solutions with a great group of fun-loving, friendly, and dedicated software and interactive professionals? Jonah Group is the place for you. Even if there’s nothing posted at the moment, feel free to send us your resume, which we’ll keep on file (honest!) for that fateful day when preparation and opportunity collide, and together we unleash your awesome skills on our next new project!

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We’re looking for people who love technology

We spend a lot of time and effort to find the best people. Sound fundamentals, commitment to learning, and personality fit are very important to us. We’re looking for people willing to take on a challenge and move the show.

If you're a team player, a stickler for elegance, smart as a whip, can communicate well verbally and in writing, you've got "the love" for creating beautiful solutions online, and know “culture” is not just something found in a petri dish, then you’ll probably fit in well here. Let's talk!

Is This You?

  • Passionate about technology

  • Familiar with modern tools

  • Excellent communicator

  • Collaborative team player

  • Committed to success

  • Calm and considered

  • Great listener

  • Relentlessly curious

If you think you might fit in well here, we want to hear from you!

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We are a place where you can...

  • Grow
  • Learn
  • Collaborate
  • Solve real problems
  • Flex your creativity
  • Be challenged
  • Be heard
  • Be nerdy
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Perks & benefits

  • Fascinating projects

    Get access to a wide variety of projects, full stack opportunities, myriad business domains, and tons of interesting tech; Learn how software powers the world!

  • Coaching & Mentorship

    Your coach is familiar with all of your Jonah project work, helps guide your career development, and helps you access the project opportunities you seek; we also provide leadership development opportunities

  • Annual training budget

    You want to stay current. We want that too! Let your coach know what you’re interested in, and we provide time + money for you to perform research and attend conferences and courses.

  • Working groups

    Share your passion about a particular technology or solution by forming a working group with other team members to move it forward.

  • Real profit sharing

    Significant annual bonuses based on company performance and your performance. When the company does well, we all do well.

  • Social events

    Thursday Night Socials, holiday parties, release celebrations, "Jonah Day", pub night, salad club, and Jonah Band.

  • Health & wellness

    Benefits plan including coverage for dental work, prescriptions, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, and other health. Yoga group at the office!

  • Awesome office

    We occupy the 4th floor of a brick and beam building located in downtown Toronto, easily accessible by public transit, and close to restaurants, clubs, theatres, and sporting events.

  • Life/work balance

    Family-friendly benefits, escalating vacation time, a 40 hr week, and support for mid-to-long-term leaves of absence.

Rod Gonzaga

We are almost all software developers by trade, including the company owners and the senior level management who all began their careers as programmers. So there is a shared understanding and empathy for both the trials, the joys and the love of the craft.

I learned that part of the MO of the founding partners in building this thing is to create an environment that they want to work in with people they want to work with. This place seemed different to me, and sure enough it’s because of a slightly different take on what it means to run a software business. Jonah presents software development as a professional service, with an aim to deliver successful software projects, maintaining relationships with various clients in several industry verticals. This yields a great environment for a developer to get exposure to different technologies, methodologies and business domains. Even having a window into different corporate cultures is valuable.

How do I describe the ideal Jonah team member? Motivated and curious; cares about the relevant details; appreciates an elegant and practical solution. And carries very little ego."

Rod Gonzaga

Team Lead, Technical Architect

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Current openings

We have produced high quality commercial systems for the banking, auto finance, capital markets, health insurance and pension plans industries(to name a few). We search for team players with a winning combination of excellent communications, technical understanding, and a drive for continuous learning. Below are some of our current openings.

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