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Boardroom Metrics Talks about Project Management @ Jonah Group

Jeremy Chan

By Jeremy Chan


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April 08, 2014

A recent article on corporate collaboration experts "BoardRoom Metrics" ( talks in general about some of the necessary requirements for running a successful IT project.

In the article, George Paradi discusses communication style, team selection, scope definition, and plain old common sense as the primary drivers for successful projects.

It is not the project methodology that ensures project success, it is the common sense application of the methodology to best fit the project and the project team.

-George Paradi

We also enjoyed our brief chat with George. As technologists, we grow up focused on tools and technologies, but later realize that human factors are always the trump card for any collaborative endeavour like software development. It was good to share stories with someone who understood that deeply.

The article can be found at:

The original Toronto Star Article that attracted George to us is at:

George Paradi is an independent Senior Consultant bridging the gap between business and technology. His focus is on providing IT project planning for success, IT operations, IT team building, and unifying business and technology.

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