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Our Approach

  • Trust leads to real value

    We believe that a strong, healthy relationship based on trust allows everyone to do their best work. That's why we manage to the relationship, as opposed to the contract, and aim to deliver meaningful insight and opinions at all times. We take responsibility for our mistakes, and always act in our customers' best interest.

  • Service first

    Providing a comfortable experience is just as important to us as delivering valuable software. In fact, the two are very much connected. You can expect empathy, flexibility, transparency, and long-term commitment from us in any size project, great or small.

  • We love a challenge

    We're passionate technologists who thrive on the really hard problems. Our customers tend to bring these to us because we first help them clarify their intent, express the proposed solution in easy-to-understand terms, and then execute consistently on the design and build.

Our Method

Lightwave® is our proprietary software development methodology. It is a set of processes, recipes, tools, and best practices that help us deliver software efficiently and with low risk, while giving our clients an excellent experience.

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Open For Business

We aim to give our customers full project transparency and ensure your team has continuous influence over the product's evolution.

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I very much appreciate the updates and all the hard work Jonah Group is putting into ensuring we deliver a meaningful and useful tool to our members. Jonah has done amazing work thus far and continues to develop a superior and useful product.

Deb Roberts
Phase 1 of 3

We Discover

LightWave® begins with a Discovery phase to introduce your product vision. Our team aligns on your business model, target markets, and goals to clarify project requirements and evaluate constraints.

We plan effectively and accurately, then work hard, fast, and smart to meet those targets.

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Clarity power ROI

Missing project targets always costs more than the marginal savings offered by consultants who "bid low, sell high" with change requests. We don't do that.

Instead, we believe in getting it right the first time. This puts extra up-front load on discovery, but the focus and clarity of our planning creates huge business value.

Discovery delivers

100% of our software development projects are delivered into production (compared to an industry average of 82%). We're not exaggerating — every single one of our projects goes on to create real value for our customers.

This perfect record is in part attributed to the quality of our Discovery. It's proof we don't mess around. We plan thoroughly, we budget our time and resources effectively, and we deliver.

Phase 2 of 3

We Iterate

Frequent, iterative delivery reduces risk and ensures the right features are being developed to maximize value. Continuous integration and automated unit testing allow us to specify acceptance criteria and properly test for every environment and scale.

Improve quality with feedback

An iterative development process provides ample opportunity to tune the requirements and steer the project outcome. It also ensures that the highest value features are available for any given budget.

Automated unit testing, continuous integration, source code as the primary artifact, convention over configuration, “just enough” documentation, and frequent, iterative delivery are the cornerstones of our method.

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Phase 3 of 3

We Sustain

Completing a full project cycle is an exciting time for everyone — you have an exciting new app or feature and we have a clearer picture of your ambitions and operating preferences. Our relationship continuously mirrors the increasing value of the product, and we are better able to serve your needs and work to the specifications that make you most comfortable.

Full service maintenance

Comprehensive product support begins as soon as some aspect of the project has been deployed. Further development can continue while our role expands to training, service, and even maintenance and operations of the product, if you like.

Long-term partner

We're excited by the prospect of long-term customer relationships — they allow us to do our best work, and are one of the primary ways we measure success as a company.

Meet the Team

Unprecedented project transparency.

Minimalist lychee

We understand customer stress levels are directly connected to project progress visibility. Lychee is the mobile project management dashboard we created that shows you every detail of your project, including how much progress we've made toward our shared target, and what the outstanding issues, risks, and milestones are today. We know where ever dollar and hour are spent on our projects — now you can too.

  • Track and manage every priority

  • Watch work completed in real time

  • Accurate daily estimates and timelines

  • Easily report bugs and track status updates

Lychee lets you track all parts of the project process, if you want to.

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Why Choose Custom?

Custom-built solutions are tailored to match how you already work. All aspects of your specific business are considered: your strategic objectives, human resources, business processes, timelines, specific technical environment, and more.

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