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Various employees working together

About Us

Friendly humans who love solving complex business problems.

We design and build high-performance software applications for enterprises under pressure to evolve. Our industry is constantly changing, so we help our clients keep pace by making them aware of the possibilities of digital technology as it relates to their business.

Our long history is built on a foundation of strong client relationships, empathy for the customer goal, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of software co-creation. Your challenge will benefit from our technical excellence and flexible approach to collaboration.

Meet the Team
  • 169
    team members in our close-knit group
  • 1,380
    years of combined experience
  • $250K
    annual skills training budget
Team members at Jonah Day 2017

The team on Jonah Day 2017, our annual beachside summer celebration

Two team members in casual discussion

Remarkable relationships are in our DNA.

Empathy, flexibility, and trust underpin all strong relationships, which in turn are at the heart of every successful collaboration. A strong client-vendor relationship drives success in a way that no technology widget, framework, or process ever will. That’s why we assign as much effort to cultivating our relationship with you, as we do to pursuing our craft with passion and attention.

Our close-knit team of digital solution experts is comprised mainly of technical developers, business analysts, project managers and quality specialists. Our commitment to hiring highly-skilled, creative, and passionate technologists means that we can assemble the right team for the most ambitious business challenge.

Indeed, you may wish to completely reshape and elevate your business using digital technology. This is the kind of work we enjoy most of all!

We Are...

  • Curious Professionals
  • Ambitious Problem Solvers
  • Great Communicators
  • Seasoned Collaborators
  • Smart Technologists
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Our Values

These values are the heart of Jonah Group. They inform how we communicate, deliver, hire, and operate our business. We cultivate these qualities internally so we can continue to do great work for our clients.
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Service Focus

Our software services offering isn’t just about strong technical chops - it’s about delivering a comfortable experience where you feel conveyed every step of the way. As our valued customer, you can expect us to consistently and actively drive you toward the finish line, as opposed to simply taking orders.

We strive to build strong and lasting relationships with all of our clients, many of which span decades. And in over 22 years of business, we've had no failed projects. We attribute this success to our flexibility and desire for positive relationships.

Beautiful Mindset

We value doing things right, even if it takes a bit longer, or if the results will only be visible in the long term. We aim to step into the shoes of each client and learn what beautiful means to them, and then translate that into a beautiful custom solution.

When it comes to hiring, we look for smart technologists with an aesthetic for elegance, simplicity, and the ability to recognize the intrinsic beauty of the perfect fit. We favour generalists with a solid theoretical background as opposed to specialists with a narrow technology focus.

Great Design

Great design makes for superior solutions, pure and simple. Our user experience design goals are to promote adoption, engage users, simplify workflow, and simply be a joy to use.

And since we're hardcore technologists, we also know how to design solid internal foundations - extensible, re-usable, robust, secure and scalable code is at the core of every solution we create.

Problem First

Before we think about processes, frameworks, and technologies, our team takes the time to first understand the business challenge before them. This is the key ingredient in the “get it right the first time” soup.

We remain technology agnostic when it comes to designing software so we're not constrained by inappropriate choices. Our tailor-made solutions are then designed and built to meet your exact needs, match your exact process, and soothe your most acute pain.

People over Process

Team cohesion trumps all else on any collaborative project. Without it, even the best methodology and technology choices will generate little value. We've seen first-hand that prioritizing people over process creates the strongest solutions.

We trust our engineers to customize our method to match both the team's character and the project's engagement style. And we use lightweight, networked productivity tools that get out of the way and allow people to focus on their work.

Success Culture

Our purpose is simple: to deliver valuable, functional, and compelling software into production, where it can generate value for each client.

We work closely with each client to define what success means, and then we organize ourselves in relentless pursuit of that definition.

Our Story

From humble beginnings to 169 people and growing.

Jonah team celebrates 15 years of business at social event

Our founders have been at the forefront of the internet since its emergence in the early 90s. We're just getting started, and we'd love to have you on board.

Our Experience

We’ve been delivering powerful software for the financial industry for over 2 decades.

We’re active in Capital Markets, Wealth Management, Tax, Credit Processing, Pension Management, Auto Finance and Health Insurance, and we’re proud to work with some of the premier brands in those industries. We can help you navigate the waters.

Learn about the Industries we service

Toronto's Financial District

Toronto's Financial District.

About 3Pillar Global

We’ve Joined the 3Pillar Family!

Our new parent, 3Pillar Global, builds breakthrough software products that power cutting-edge digital transformations and define the next generation of digital business. 3Pillar’s innovative product development solutions drive rapid revenue, increase market share, and ensure customer growth. Leveraging the "Product Mindset", 3Pillar delivers disruptive and transformative digital and software products to clients across industries, from CARFAX and Fortune to PBS.

Visit for more information and career opportunities. To learn more about the Product Mindset, visit and pick up a copy of "The Product Mindset: Succeed in the Digital Economy by Changing the Way Your Organization Thinks", by 3Pillar CEO David DeWolf and VP of UX/UI for CoStar Group Jessica Hall.

Supporting healthy

David Suzuki FoundationDoctors Without BordersPollution Probe

We donate annually to the charities above.

Habitat for HumanityBullfrog Powered

Our company supports green electricity initiatives, choosing BullFrog Power as our supplier. We have plastic, paper, and organic waste recycling programs.