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If you choose Jonah Group for your custom development project, you can be sure that the system will be delivered. 100% of Jonah Group’s projects have made it into production, compared with an industry average of 82%1. We think that’s a pretty incredible record! And when overruns do occur, ours are far more contained than our competitors’.

Not only do we understand how to design and build digital solutions, but we also know that many of the factors contributing to a successful delivery have nothing to do with technology. Success depends a great deal on how teams are organized and motivated, whether or not the development approach flexes with the team’s character, and effective communication between all stakeholders. We do these things well.

project delivery chart 1

Figure 1 - Project Success Rates Of the "challenged" projects shown above, compare below our "average percentage overruns" with those of industry:

project delivery chart 2

Figure 2 - Challenged Projects: Average Percent Overruns, Time and Cost

1 Industry Success Rates measured independently by Standish Group


No-one was ever fired for hiring "big consulting", but how many were promoted? Contact us if you need to be sure of successful delivery on your project.


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